The abrasive jet cutting is used mainly for hard materials like metals, stone and hard plastic. The jet cutting system is very much like wet sand blast. The main difference is int the nozzle design, the sand that is used, the water pressure and the flow rate of both, the sand and the water. In jet-abrasive cutting the volume of both the sand and the water is minimal, the water pressure is high and may vary between 20,000 PSI to 50,000 PSI. The nozzle is designed in a way that it will provide a very sharp and coherent jet with mixture of water and abrasive. The width of cut should be 1/8" or less. Water jet cutting without abrasive is also used. The application usually are soft materials like cloth, leather, soft plastic and other various kind of fabrics. The water pressure is usually very high, above 30,000 PSI. In many cases numerical controlled equipment are used to move the nozzle according to a pre programed patterns.  {short description of image}